by Charles Walters
"the definitive work on applied raw material economics"

There's a lot of good books to read out there, but some are "must reads!" This is one of them, and though I try to avoid advertising on this web-site, author Charles Walters gets a free one here.

"Charles Walters is the founder and executive editor of Acres U.S.A., the monthly magazine of ecological agriculture. He recognized the national and international implications of applied raw material economics as revealed in the analyses of the U.S. economy by Carl H. Wilken, Charles B. Ray, John Lee Coulter and J. Carson Adkerson. They demonstrated how all new wealth enters an economy as raw materials provided by Nature. By fairly monetizing these raw materials, an economy is diverse, balanced, and free of debt. Unforgiven is the definitive work on the subject, derived from Walters' research and in-depth interviews with Wilken, conducted shortly before his death in 1968. The crisis that this book addresses has become even more pronounced in the years since it first appeared an increasing wealth gap, a crumbling internal economy, human and economic harm inflicted upon our trading partners, millions of family farmers driven from their land, and small, privately owned businesses becoming extinct, ultimately leaving millions of Americans either directly or indirectly dependent on government handouts for existence. Wilken feared the concentration of power "in a few strong hands" as the deadliest enemy of a free society and saw the demise of independent enterprise and the family farm as the final curtain for the most dramatic social experiment in history: the American Dream. In Unforgiven, Walters presents not only the causes and effects of our continuing rural and urban decay, but also a way to stop it the construction of an economy operating in tune with the laws of physics. Long out of print, this classic work is once again available, revised and updated by the author. Second edition 2002, softcover, 416."

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