The Hannah Girl

Hannah Girl

She's For Sale!

ASKING $12,000!

$5,000.00 OBO!
Will consider all reasonable Offers

$5K U.S.!
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Hannah Girl

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Built by American Marine, Hong Kong in 1961, Hull #4
Previous names: Sea Dart and Lua Lan

Owners: Jeff Berg and Elizabeth (Beth) Campbell
of Petersburg, Alaska



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Some particulars on the condition
of Hannah Girl

Posted 21 March 2017 - Provided by Beth Campbell 
  1. She has always had her bottom work done. She was recently on the grid too.
  2. Hull is good, bottom paint has been doing its job and she's fine.
  3. No leakage.
  4. No engine, but the shaft, stuffing box and prop are all in place.
  5. Deck. The shelter has done wonders. Not only does it provide a shelter for the entire boat it's another room too.
  6. We have the masts which were in tough shape when we acquired the poor girl and pretty much from what I know all that stuff is in our storage locker.
  7. We have a lot of rigging, old lines, rigging blocks, the steering wheel, compass, portholes, line chalks, etc.
  8. We have all but maybe one small sail.
  9. Fuel and water tanks are still aboard.
  10. There's also a couple of davits for hanging the skiff off the stern. But no skiff.
  11. The galley sink is in place, the bunks midship are in place with table and the head is in place.
  12. The previous owner stripped out the forward bunk to make a work shop, but there are a bunch of pieces of wood up there which we saved for patterns or templates.
  13. She has been a live aboard on occasions for a good friend of ours when he was in town. 
Life's journey has kept us from being able to have the time to restore her but we did save her from anymore deterioration. She just needs someone to love and bring her back.  
Getting to Petersburg, Alaska

You can fly from SeaTac to Petersburg as we have two flights a day to the island.

Or, you can take the ferry (Alaska Marine Highway) from Bellingham WA or Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The ferry terminal is near the south harbor where's she moored. The barge terminals are 3 miles out the road for the transportation of the boat.

This is a wonderful opportunity for somebody who possesses the wherewithal to restore this classic American Marine built Sea Witch! (Webmaster)

Another American Marine Angelman Classic is about to be reborn. In mid-August (2007) we got the good news from Beth Campbell of Petersburg, Alaska. She, along with Jeff Berg and Helen Lingley, have acquired Hannah Girl as a joint investment, and intend put her back into mint condition.
     Hannah Girl was a beautiful boat in her previous incarnations as Sea Dart and Lua Lan, and undoubtedly as Hannah Girl too (last under the loving care of Ken and Sandy Dorman) but she was apparently abandoned by the next owner after he'd begun to work on her, and has been totally neglected for the last two years.

Beth writes:

It's a shame when you hear her story. A guy in town was buying her from the previous owner... in the process he "stripped" her out, from top to bottom. He then, I guess, had a midlife crisis and stopped making payments and left town.
     Well that was about 2 years ago and the poor ole gal has been sitting bare since. So we jumped in and saved her... she was seized by the harbor department for past bills and more. Now that the paper work is complete we are days away... from putting her up on the tidal grid and doing the hull work... not to mention seeing what shape she's really in.
     Either way we are so excited about her. I call her my 5 year project. Jeff has been commercially fishing for over 30 years and knows wood boats very well. We have 3 steel vessels and I can't wait to put my woodworking skills to use. ...I am a camera nut... so you can bet I will keep you guys posted on her recovery.
     She will be a beauty again... and I can't wait on the day we will finally sail her into the sunset. Hawaii looks good once the snow starts flying up here:) So thanks for the great website. I hope to have a spot for the Hannah Girl as we get working on her on your website so those interested can watch her come back to life. Wish us luck!!


     We'll certainly be watching the progress with considerable interest, and expect this page will grow in size as time goes on. Because Beth has a rare opportunity to photographically record just how American Marine Sea Witches were put together, we hope this page will be of value to anybody contemplating building a Sea Witch in the future. 
     We'll be anxiously awaiting developments on the Alaskan waterfront, and more photos of Hannah Girl as Jeff and Beth turn to on her.

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As Jeff and Beth found her - August 2007

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Hanna Girl Progress - 26 September 2007 Additions

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Framework of "snow roof" in place for winter.
And as she emerged from the long winter (May 2009)
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Hi from Petersburg, (Wed, 26 Sep 2007)

Sorry it has taken so long to get these pictures out. We put the Hannah Girl on the grid last week and did the hull work. She was in great shape!!! Still had some bottom paint and zincs so we were lucky. So we scraped and pressure washed her. Painted with some "killer" bottom paint and rezinced her. No major problems, just a few leaky spots in the hull itself. Boy, what's up with all those thru hull fittings??? ...enjoy the pictures!

Beth and Jeff

P.S. I forgot to mention that the Ford Layman (sp?) is no longer in the boat. We took it out a few days before we put her up on the grid. So hopefully one day we will find a used but good engine to replace it. Also... I wanted to tell you what we plan to do to the hull above the water line is...
     Have you (has anyone?)  heard of that stuff called CETOL? It is a clear breathable protective covering that we have found a few local wood boat owners are using up here. It lets out the natural teak color and in my opinion, I think she will look so beautiful.
     We are about to go out and get a ridge pole to make her permanent shelter for the next couple of years... I am working on clearing all the limber holes and getting all the gunk out of the bilge. Oh how I love bilge work:) So as you can imagine, there are no floorboards and the galley/sink area is now laying on the port bunk. But she is slowly drying out...




The Lua Lan was the very first Sea Witch this webmaster had seen in the "flesh." She sure was a beauty! And, of course, he was eating his heart out.
     The photos below were taken at the Ala Wai Yacht Basin in Honolulu in 1965. One of them shows yours truly, as a young man, inspecting her minutely from the dock thinking very wistfully and very wishfully. 

Hanna Girl in a Previous Incarnation
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