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"A Bewitching Witch," by Dorothy Doughlas (Clipping from unknown magazine, circa early 1940s See: Early Sea Witch Articles

Rudder Magazine, June 1945: "Comfortable Cruising Ketch by Angleman"
See: Early Sea Witch Articles

Yachting Magazine, Sept., 1947: "SEA WITCH," A DEEP WATER CRUISING AUXILIARY

Rudder Treasury, Published in 1953 by Rudder Publishing Co.: "SEA WITCH, A Pacific Offshore Cruiser, 35 Ft., Designed by Hugh Angelman
See: Early Sea Witch Articles

Sea Magazine, Nov., 1961: I've only got the cover image (above), but have never seen the article that must be within.

Sea Magazine, Feb., 1989: "A Seawitch Casts Is Spell," by Peter Bohr

Cruising World, Feb., 1999: "An Unforgettable Year," by Robby Coleman

WoodenBoat, No. 147, Mar/Apr 1999: "The Grand Old Man of Pacific Yachting, the Enduring West Coast Legacy of Hugh Angleman" by Robby Coleman and Thomas G. Skahill and "Pure SEA WITCH" sidebar by Robby Coleman

The movie Overboard, starring Angie Dickinson and Cliff Robertson co-stared the Sea Witch (Sea Forth and Southern Cross). This movie was not quite a celebration of the cruising life and had an atrociously bad ending, but it certainly showed plenty of Seawitch in all her splendor.

WoodenBoat, No. 193, Nov/Dec 2006: "South Coast Company The life of a full-service yacht yard," by Thomas G. Skahill. Mention of Hugh Angelman, who joined South Coast's management team after leaving Wilmington Boatworks. Sea Witch is mentioned, and "Moonbeam," an Angelman-Davies successor design is pictured.



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