The Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

Owner: George Hylkema
Built in 1961 by American Marine, Ltd., Hong Kong
Home Port: Balboa, California



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George's Sea Dragon is the Only Sea Witch we've seen with a pilot house. It looks pretty good in these photos and the overall appearance remains 100% Sea Witch with perhaps a little extra flair aft. Photos courtesy of Greg Jordan who took them while visiting George and Sea Dragon. George provided Greg and I with our first glimpse of genuine Wilmington Boatworks Sea Witch construction plans.
     In May 2007 we heard from Harry Brickman (, the original owner of the Sea Dragon who retains fond memories, being (in his words) "the first voluntary slave to Sea Dragon, who owned me and my family for over 20 years, and served us really well." Harry maintains his interest in the Sea Witch and has joined the Sea Witch on line community. Harry is the one who added the "pilot house" to Sea Dragon after a voyage between the west coast and Hawaii.
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