The Sea Mist

Sea Mist

Built in 1957 at Jansen Boatyard, Denmark
Owner: Doug Grewar
Home Port to be: Fremantle, Western Australia 

Previous owners:
Mark Roberston
Dave & Janet Peters
Doug Templin
Austin Joy
Arthur Peterson  


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December 2009: We heard from former owner of Sea Mist, Doug Templin, in December 2009, announcing the publication of Red Star on the Sail, a work of fiction staring a "fictitious" Sea Mist as a major player. Doug owned and sailed Sea Mist for about four decades. After a fruitful career pioneering of 2-part urethanes for wooden boats, and being a former owner of Detco Marine (manufacturer of Detco Deck and Hull Caulks), during which period he continued to sail, he has retired and turned his hand to writing.

Below is a brief description of Red Star on the Sail from Doug's website:


RED STAR ON THE SAIL, by Doug Templin

Red Star On The Sail is a riveting pair of stories cleverly spun together by the author; packed with page-turning romance, thrills, spine-tingling adventure and espionage.

Follow the path of a young California couple in search the sailboat of their dreams, and feel the problems arising in their marriage as plans to cruise the South Pacific become complicated and confused.

Shiver in the midst of a bitter Arctic winter with an unruly Russian admiral, given command of his country's newest and most lethal nuclear submarine. Outbound with orders of ominous potential, America's CIA intervenes, throwing chaos at the commander, his wife and trusted executive officer.

Become part of the characters' lives as they develop concurrently on opposite sides of the globe and take similar turns--while plotting and planning futures--laden with inevitable yet unexpected obstacles. 

What might occur, should their courses converge on the high seas?

For more details and reviews, as well as on release date and purchase information, visit Doug's website at: 


What do you have when you add a touch of fine sculpture to what was already fine art personified? You've got Sea Mist, the only Sea Witch with a figurehead!

By definition, all Sea Witches are head turners. But Sea Mist probably has them all beat. As the only Sea Witch with a figurehead, and obviously one that has been maintained with meticulous loving care, Sea Mist has to be about the most unique cruising vessel in existence today.

On October 30, 2008 Dave and Jan Peters gave us the news that they had sold Sea Mist (with all due regrets, after a long and loving association), to Mark Robertson, of Melbourne, Australia, and that Sea Mist's future home port will be "down under." They had this message for us:

To our fellow Angelman Community, we are sad but knew it was time for us to hang up our varnish brushes. The Northwest weather window was too short for us to keep up with her maintenance the way we would have liked. It is time to simplify our lives. Dave and I were able to take our last trip on her this summer and it was one of the best yet. We will hold those memories dear to our hearts for ever. Good luck to you all!

Dave and Jan Peters

We hope that isn't the last we hear from Dave and Jan. They will always be members of the Sea Witch Community, and we wish them well in their new life as full time landlubbers in the spectacular Pacific Northwest.

We immediately contacted the new owner, Mark Robertson, who we welcomed into our community. We were delighted to hear from him within the hour, with the information that he will be shipping Sea Mist from the States to Australia on a roll on roll off ship, and she is scheduled to arrive down under on the 22nd of December. Of Sea Mist and it's expected arrival date, and of the Sea Witch Home Page, he says:

(12/22/2008) ...What a Christmas present !!

...I love your site and it has provided me with hours of enjoyable reading (and dreaming).

I visited the USA to check on Sea Mist... Much to my surprise and delight, Sea Mist was every bit as beautiful as her pics, in fact.. much, better ! The pictures don't do her justice. I fell in love straight away. A very thorough survey revealed a most excellent vessel and the rest is history.

I will be happy to send you pictures etc, once she is here in Australia. I am sure that will be of interest to the Sea Witch community.

Thanks for the welcome.. I am happy to be aboard!

Best regards,

Mark Robertson

(01/06/2009) .. Sea Mist is now in Melbourne and about to come out of quarantine. I will send you some pics when she is back in the water and all safe and sound.

Happy new year,


April, 2010: See the many historical photos sent by Mark taken at Jansen Boat Yard and Los Angeles after Sea Mist (then Lille Havfrue). arrival in Los Angeles below. 

(Click on Thumbnails for Larger View)

Sea Mist, Melbourne, Australia

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sm_mel_berth.jpg (101628 bytes)


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November 2008. Ready for the big move.
Photos by Dave & Jan, contributed by Mark.


Below: Sea Mist (Dave & Janet Peters Photos)
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sm_refl.jpg (71387 bytes)

sm_anch2.jpg (113579 bytes)


Jansen Boatyard, Denmark, 1957

From Sea magazine, February 1989, "A Seawitch Casts Its Spell," by Peter Bohr.


Historical Photos contributed by Mark Robertson

  • The Construction and launching of Sea Mist (Lille Havfrue - "Little Mermaid") at Jansen Boatyard, Denmark.
  • The sailing  photos are the Sea Mist during her sea trials.
  • The photo of the mermaid figure head, with the girl who modeled for it.
  • The shipwright & builder William H Jansen.
  • Arrival in San Pedro, Los Angeles, and at Catalina Island.
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sea_trial_2.jpg (66601 bytes) sea_trials3.jpg (70332 bytes) sea_trial_1.jpg (67833 bytes)
los_angeles.jpg (87777 bytes) catalina_is.jpg (106908 bytes) Above: Sea Trials in Denmark
Left: At Los Angeles and at Catalina Island

Early in the history of this web site, previous owners, Dave and Janet Peters, did us the great favor of sending a copy of the lines of Sea Mist, our first big breakthrough in my quest for the plans of Sea Witch, since added to by Roger Marlin and present Sea Mist owner, Mark Robertson.

Speaking of great photos, Dave and Janet maintain a photo album site at Though a private web site originally intended strictly for family members, the Peters have extended the welcome mat to their "Sea Mist" family as well. The password to get you into this scenic domain is "angelman."
     Sea Mist, while represented on the site, is not the main feature. You will find many truly wonderful photographs of the natural world Dave and Janet obviously love, and the spectacularly beautiful scenery in the vicinity of their home. The site does include a few shots of Sea Mist and a movie of her recent repair period.

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