The Black Witch - Sea Rogue

Sea Rogue

Owner: Paul Moseley
Built: 1960, American Marine, Hong Kong
Home Port: Port Ludlow Washington


Previous Owners: John Parish (1968-1995)


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Sea Rogue, with her black hull with white trim, would certainly stand out roguishly in any line up of Sea Witches, but she's obviously pure Sea Witch.
     Paul says, "We have her outfitted for serious cruising and she has seen much of the Pacific. I have owned her 10 years but the previous owner was Jon Parish, an Aloha airline pilot that owned her for 27 years and was famous for inviting anyone and everyone aboard for a Sunday sail in Hawaii. He died in 1995 I purchased his boat in an estate sale shortly there after.
     "I sailed her having no knowledge of blue water 2500 miles to the Marshall islands and found my self in a 6 day tropical storm. We had 60mph winds sustained and gusts and waves beyond explanation. Sea Rogue took good care of me and the crew. I kept her in Kwajalein in the Marshall islands for the next 6 years until 2003 when we moved to Port Ludlow Washington where she resides in the middle of a quiet tranquil bay."

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In July, 2009 we heard from Robert Hogan who has provided us with some photos and historical information on Sea Rogue. Bob crewed for previous owner, John Parish, for several years. Bob writes:

He (Paul) has owned the Sea Rogue since John Passed onto celestial sailing (in 1995). ...John owned the Sea Rogue for 27 years... This accounts for 41 years of the 49 years since Sea Rogue was built...

I sailed with John from 1976 to 1980 during which I had the most fun of my life so far. I especially liked the way John would thrill (terrorize) tourist victims we invited aboard and then as we passed Diamond Head and the winds picked up john would bury the rail. Nobody could have loved the Sea Witch class more than John: He would single hand the Sea Rouge during small craft warnings without a safety line.

I have many pictures and stories of my 4 years sailing off Oahu with John...

...I made a trip to Oahu in 1984 and '86 and John was in good shape; that's why his sailing off in 1995 took me by surprise.

Bob has also been in touch with Paul, the present owner, and informs us that Paul has decided not to part with Sea Rogue (having had it on the market for a while). Bob would also like to exchange email, sea stories, etc. about the Sea rogue. Email: 

Photos Contributed by Bob Hogan
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Upper left: Bob Hogan, "Weapons Officer," at helm. Top Center: Bobby Hogan, jr. at helm. Upper right: Capt. John Parish (with blue shirt and gray hair) and Bob Hogan. Lower left: Bob, "strung up" on the shrouds. Lower middle: Note the Jolly Roger. Lower right: 1986 reunion.

Weapons Officer?
Here's how Bob explains it:

In order to understand the billet of "Weapons Officer," you need to understand John’s fabulous personality – and the fact that he flew the skull and crossbones flag.
     As the Sea Rogue came up on other sailboats I would yell out a mock, “GIVE US YOUR WOMEN AND BEER AND WE’LL LET YOU GO!”
     Our weapons were "beer-primed seafaring launchers" (people) and champagne bottles. Our ammunition was in the form of champagne corks and water balloons.
     We would once in awhile sneak up on friendly sailboats and launch the water balloons at them. They usually expected it and returned fire.
     After a while, knowing Capt. John’s sense of humor, I suggested that I should be his (1st and only) Weapons Officer because I worked on US navy on-board Command and Control; Missile and Gun fire control main frame computers. John agreed.
     On one memorable occasion we came up on another sailboat and launched our only weapon of the day. I had a full champagne bottle with cork as ammunition nestled in my lap. John had maneuvered us off the stern as he was coming abreast of the unsuspecting boat.
     As I was calculating the relative speeds of our boats, windage, range, elevation, etc., I forgot to control the cork. The cork had eased itself out of the bottle and launched on it’s own. It went 2 inches and fell into the water instead of the usual 20+ feet. So, I had to report to the Captain that his “Weapons Officer went off early.”
     John gave his knowing smile and we eased off. The rest of the passengers cracked up.
     I don’t know if our failure to ever get other boats to give up their beer and women was a reflection of the capabilities of the Weapons Officer or Sea Rogue’s generosity.


P.S. Back in San Diego we were out on my son’s (also Bobby Hogan) sailboat, the Pearson, and came up on the Arizonian. I yelled my usual “Give us your women and beer”; they yelled back “but we have guns!” I responded, “Oh never mind”. As we entered the mouth of the harbor off Point Loma the Arizonian fired its cannons (blanks). So, to my surprise, they actually did have guns! 

Then, there was Big Kathy...

big_kathy.jpg (24125 bytes)

This is why the Sea Rogue, while owned by John, was perhaps the most photographed boat in the world.
     Big Kathy wasn’t called "big" because of her, ahem, chest size – but because, at 6' 2", she was big! She went with John for about 2 years.
     John would allow only a few people to dock Sea Rogue; Kathy was one of them.
     For almost a year when we were out, John would position Sea Rogue so that the Double Decker tour boats, with tourists aboard from all over the world, would pass us within a hundred yards or so.
     Big Kathy would take her bikini top off and you could literally see the tour boat list to our side as people rushed the rails to take pictures. I was usually standing next to her so I’m in a lot of those pictures.
     It was probably legal because we were at least 3 feet off the Hawaiian coast.
     We loved Kathy for doing this, but after a year she wouldn’t do it any more.



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