The Sea Voyager

Sea Voyager

Built in 1973 at a yard in Junction City, Oregon 
Owner: Michael Call and Richard Hughes

San Francisco, California

LOA: 49' (Including the bowsprit)
LWL: 32'
Beam: 13'6"
Draft: 5' 6"
Disp.: 17 Tons
Manufacturer: Unknown boatyard, Junction City, Oregon
Engine: 58 hp Isuzu/4 cylinders
Sleeps: 6

Previous owners:
Original: unknown
Jimmy Kenniston
Alasdair Moodie and Karen Vincent
Mike Russell
Phil Buck
Wesley Blixt
Walter Klein



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On the 20th of November, 2015, we heard from Michael Call, the new owner of Sea Voyager, along with co-owner Richard Hughes. They have recently purchased Sea Voyager from Walter Klein (of Austria), and plan to begin a restoration project. Michael promises to keep us posted, and provide  photos as the undertaking progresses from time to time.

The Sea Voyager is obviously every bit a Sea Witch though there are some subtle differences when compared with Wilbos and Hong Kong builds that have come to my attention. She was built in Oregon, and apparently to high standards, but not quite to the standards of other Sea Witches we are familiar with. Unlike all other Sea Witches, she has bent frames rather than sawn. She also has a centered propeller shaft.

Jimmy Kenniston saved the Sea Voyager from "demolition because it seemed too precious to watch it be destroyed." Because finding a slip in or around San Diego proved impossible, Jimmy put the Voyager up for sale, and it was purchased by Alasdair Moodie and Karen Vincent, of Melbourne, Australia (February 2007).

Alasdair planned to sail the Sea Voyager to Australia where he intend to do more restoration work. Unfortunately, a thorough survey convinced Alasdair that a voyage to Australia would be too risky, and Alasdair's dream crashed. Sea Voyager was again put on the market.

In early May, 2007, Mike Russell became Sea Voyager's new owner and over the next four years accomplished much in the way of refitting and restoration.

Mike brought Sea Voyager a long way, but decided to part with her due to high monthly slip fees in the San Fransisco Bay area. He parted with Sea Voyager in early 2011, signing her over to the new owner, Phil Buck. We haven't heard from Phil as yet but wish him happy sailing.

On the 8th of February, 2012, we heard from Walter KLEIN a new Sea Voyager owner, since mid-January. We hope Mr. Klein will be the one who finally finishes the job of bringing Sea Voyager fully up to Sea Witch standards. He tells us: 

I am Austrian, living in Vienna. I am retired, after 35 years in the Pharmaceutical industry.

I plan to stay with the boat 3-4 month a year, coming to SF 2-3 times per year., together with my wife who is also retired and keen on sailing.

Sea Voyager is my first real "Classic" Sailboat and I am very keen to sail with her in the area of SF.

I plan to do the necessary refit myself, as far as it is woodwork, painting etc.

I did owe another sailboat before, "Lilly Speed" for 5 years, homeport Antigua, WI. See my homepage She was completely contrary to Sea Voyager, a very fast Sailing Catamaran, Outremer 40. I sold her in New York in 2006.

If any one wants to contact me:

Dipl. Kfm. Volker Walter KLEIN
Voltelinistrasse 64
A 1210 Vienna/Austria
Phone: +43 664 3264955

Best regards


We certainly wish Walter the best of luck and hope to have good news from him from time to time.

Photos Contributed by Mike Russell
Mike Russel with Grandson Collin, February 2011
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sv_bowsprits1.jpg (88618 bytes) sv_tattoo.jpg (31446 bytes) sv_masts-9-07.jpg (52352 bytes)
sv_sampsons1.jpg (96223 bytes) sv_sampsons.jpg (99634 bytes) sv_bowsprits.jpg (57048 bytes)

19 November, 2007 Progress report: Here are some recent pictures of the masts for Sea Voyager. As you can see, they look like new, actually, I doubt seriously that they ever looked this good when they were new. The folks at Svendsenís in Alameda, did an exceptional job. I will follow through and work with them on a schedule to stand the masts right after Thanksgiving. I will take photos of that event and send them along. Regards, Mike

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sv_masts4.jpg (58335 bytes) sv_masts5.jpg (58327 bytes) sv_masts6.jpg (56435 bytes)

7 December, 2007 Progress Photos. Masts have been shipped.

sv_mastsready.jpg (88890 bytes) sv_shimast2.jpg (76265 bytes) sv_stepup.jpg (122413 bytes)
sv_shpmast.jpg (115808 bytes) sv_transview.jpg (78329 bytes) sv_bowsprit.jpg (139201 bytes)
Latest Photos - June 2008 - More to follow
sv_2008_06.jpg (115108 bytes) sv_2008_06_2.jpg (110889 bytes) sv_2008_06_3.jpg (114787 bytes)
Photo at right
received March,
15th, 2010
~sv_3-10.jpg (55128 bytes)  

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Hull & Structure, Cabin & Deck

Material, Hull & Bottom - Port Orford Cedar
Finish - Enamel
Planking - Carvel
Stem - 7.5" Fir full knew w/breast hook
Stern - Inner plywood mahogany face
Keel - 7.5" Fir with full rabbit - 8000 lb. ballast
Frames - Bent 10" centers, 1-1/2" X 2" Oak
Deck - 1-1/2" Douglas Fir over Plywood Sub
Cabin - Fir 6/4 enameled
Frames - Floor timbers 1-1/2" Fir Full
Fastenings - Galv. Bolt
Beams - 2-1/2" X 3-3/4" Fir Full
Ventilation - ambient
Longitudinal* - 3-1-12 X 3-3/4" Fir Full
Rubrails - Mahogany Hardwood
Type of Bottom - Round Chine

*Webmaster's note: "Longitudinal" probably refers to bilge stringers. Maybe "3-1-12" should have been 3 stringers, 1-1/2" X 3-3/4"

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