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The following specifications were for ten Sea Witches to be built in Hong Kong in 1960. They were sent to me in 1961 by co-designer Charles E. Davies, and a better copy has recently been supplied by Stephen Carlson, of the Sea Quest.

35' Seawitch Auxiliary Ketch
January 15, 1960

MATERIALS—All wood used in hull construction will either be the type of material covered in these specifications or will be as nearly as possible equivalent to it in physicial properties.

FRAMES—Sawn frames, 2 flitches of 1-3/4" Ipol, tapered from 3-1/2" at heel to 2-1/4" at head.



LIMBER HOLES—to be throughout.

PLANKING—1-3/8" Teak.

CLAMP & SHELF—Clamp 1-3/8" x 5-1/2", Shelf 1-3/4" x 5-1/5". All members to be tapered in ends to 60% of the area amidships.

BILGE STRINGERS—Three strakes each 1-3/8" x 4-1/2" to be tapered in the area of the ends.

DECK BEAMS—3-1/2" x 2-1/4". All deck beams to be dovetailed into headers and headers to be dovetailed into hatch beams.

DECK—1-3/8" x 1-3/4" vertical grain Teak. To be swept with the sheer.

BALLAST—Approximately 5,500 lbs. lead outside. Approximately 1,500 lbs lead for trimming purposes inside.

TRANSOM—Double planked, Teak over Mahogany plywood.

FASTENINGS—All silicon bronze, wood screws and bolts  to be counter-based and plugged.

RUDDER—Teak, as per plan.

STEERING GEAR—Worm gear Wilbo type steerer or equal.

DECK SCUPPERS—Four 1-1/2"—discharging at the boot top.

CHOCKS—Two polished bronze bow chocks installed forward. Two bronze chocks on trails aft, one in centerline of aft rail.

PIN RAIL—Teak, located on main and mizzen shrouds

MAN RAILS—Teak, located on deck house as per plan.




DECKHOUSE—Sides and ends of Teak fitted with 6" Bronze port lights.

COCKPIT—Self-draining, Cockpit deck to be planked with 1-3/8" x 1-3/4" Teak.

WINDLESS—An approved manual type with two Gypsy heads.

ANCHORS—One, 25 lb. Danforth, One 65 lb. Yachtsman Type.

CABLES—40 fathoms 3/8" B33 galvanized Chain. 30 fathoms 7/8" Manila lines, and 5 fathoms 3/8" B33 Chain.

COMPASS BINNACLE—W.Q. White 5" compass, Combination medal, Binnacle to be fitted with spare electric light.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS—Two 1 quart dry chemical. One, 5 lb. CO2 cylinder.

LIFE PRESERVERS—Six, approved type.

LIGHTS—Running lights as required by law.

FOG HORN—One, mouth type.

BELL—One, brass.

FENDERS—Four canvas.

TENDER—One punt dingy.

SHELVES & LOCKERS—To be arranged throughout quarters as shown on drawings.

LOCKER DOORS—To be fitted with ventilating louvers.

TABLE—Teak, hand rubbed finish.

BUNK BOARDS—Lift out bunk boards with heavy bronze locking bolts to be fitted to built-in berths in main cabin.

MIRRORS—Over basin in Toilet Room, over bureau in main cabin, over bureau in stateroom and on aft end of deck house over galley sink. All mirrors to have Teak frames.

GALLEY—To be amply provided with dish and glass racks and shelves, lockers and drawers.

ICE BOX—Monel lined. Approximately 200 lbs. ice.

SEAT—To be installed in galley.

MASTS—Best grade Clear Sitka Spruce, built up, hollow masts of round section, to be fitted with Cast Hounds for attachments of all rigging. Wired for masthead light.

BOOMS—Best grade Clear Sitka Spruce, built up, hollow round sections.

FLAG HALYARDS—For main and mizzen mast heads.

BLOCKS—Merriman or equal. Ash Shell Roller bushed.

CLEATS—Merriman Tur-form, or equal, bronze.

STANDING RIGGING—7 x 7 Stainless Steel.

PAINTING—Finished in best yacht fashion, Brolite paints or equal. Decks to be left natural. Brightwork, below, hand rubbed.

GALLEY SINK—White enamel, approximately 12" x 12" Wilcox Crittenden or equal.


BILGE PUMP—One bronze Wobble Pump with discharge pipe overboard through hull.

TOILET ROOM FIXTURES—To be suitably fitted with towel bars, tooth brush glass and paper holders, soap trays, etc.

GALLEY STOVE—One Shipmate Wood stove and one Two burner Butane gas plate.

BUTANE TANK—One butane tank with approved regulator installed alongside fo'castle hatch.

FRESH WATER TANKS—Two, under transoms approximately 100 gal. capacity each.

TOILETS—Two Wilcox Crittenden, or equal. One in crew quarters.

WASH BASIN—One Wilcox Crittenden or equal.

FIXTURES AND OUTLETS—To be arranged through quarters per plan.

KEROSENE LIGHTS—Four, gimbaled kerosene lamps.

ENGINE—Mercedes Benz Diesel, Model OM, 636, Paragon Gears, 2-1/2 to 1 reduction.

INSTRUMENT BOARD—Standard type, including tachometer.

STARTING BATTERIES—12 volt Exide or equal.

LIGHTING BATTERIES—12 volt Exide or equal. Small throw master switch to be placed in circuit.

PROPELLER & SHAFT—3 blade sold propeller, 1-1/2" diameter Tobin bronze shaft.

FUEL TANKS—Black iron, approximately 90 gallons capacity.

EXHAUST LINE—Water jacketed with Maxim type muffler.

SAILS—One jib, staysail, main, and mizzen—all Dacron.


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