The Sea Chantey

Sea Chantey

She's FOR SALE! Asking $135,000

NOW $115,000!

Owner: Brad Pease
Built: 1960, American Marine, Hong Kong
Home Port: Cape Cod

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   ...I have had the pleasure of "refitting" and cruising on Sea Chantey for several years. My wife and I and our two chihuahuas cruised from Cape Cod to Key west and back up to Rockland Maine this last year and Sea Chantey performed with grace! Even way too much intercoastal waterway time; in and out of busy marinas she handled wonderfully. Of course, when off shore--she's in her glory!
    ...I am sadly still selling Sea Chantey-----too many projects and boats; not at all a reflection on Sea Chantey---just a boatbuilder with too many dreams and not enough time.
     I am adjusting her price to: $ 115,000-----She is a solid and great example of a classic Sea Witch.

Best to all the Sea Witch's and their people!

Brad Pease

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Thanks Captain Brad for the update. Good luck on the sale.

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APRIL 2011: The SEA CHANTEY has finally made its debut on this site. We received an email, dated April 16th, 2011, from Brad Pease, proudly owning up to being the new owner. Brad tells us:
I have purchased the SEA CHANTEY, and have transported her (from Ventura, CA) to our boatyard on Cape Cod for restoration. I first saw a Sea Witch while working as a life guard on Hilton Head Island it was 1975. She would sail along the coast on many a afternoon and I dreamed that one day I might do the same.
      So now; I'll be the " old man " at the helm. I have sailed many different boats; being a wooden boat builder, and a Capt. but I've never felt so excited and child-like as I do when I'm aboard SEA CHANTEY. I expect to complete the 1st round of re-fitting by late summer or early fall.
      Thanks for all the inspiration and resources. I will send pics and updates as she comes together.
Fair Winds Brad Pease
Brad tells us that Sea Chantey is great structurally and was given a new engine only a couple of years ago, but she's due for some deck work, interior and exterior re-finishing, new cushions, sails, and he'll be taking a closer look at the general rigging. He has provided us with an initial set of photos taken before and after Sea Chantey was trucked to his boatyard at Cape Cod, including what Brad has described as "a whole new generation of pirates" five of his grandchildren and two daughters adding that these new sailors will undoubtedly be learning to sing chanteys in no time.

We certainly wish Brad and his crew good luck and fair winds and many exciting adventures aboard the Sea Chantey.

Sea Chantey Photos Contributed by Brad Pease

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sch_stbd_bow.jpg sch_prt_bow.jpg
sch_port_side.jpg sch_cabin_fwd.jpg sch_lkr.jpg
sch_trailer.jpg sch_slingged.jpg sch_crew.jpg


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