The Southern Cross

Southern Cross

OWNERS: Ed and Stacy McDonald
BUILT: 1961, At American Marine, Hong Kong
Home Port: New Zealand


Previous owners: Robby & Lorraine Coleman



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On March 9th, 2013, Ed sent us some great NEW PHOTOS. He wrote:

"Mike Wilson managed the refit of Southern Cross in New Zealand finishing end of 2012.  He kindly took over 200 photos from beginning to end and a few from the 2013 Tall Ship Race..."

Southern Cross looks great! Sorry we couldn't post all 200! See below.

We heard from Ed and Stacy, the new owners of the Southern Cross, on the 22nd of September (2009). Ed filled us in on their journey toward Sea Witch ownership and their future plans. He wrote:

...We bought Philip Nolan (an Angelman Sea Spirit), late in 2005 with the intention of circumnavigating. We were (and are) inexperienced and naive. So we learned a lot during the surprisingly extensive restoration of Philip Nolan.  We’ve replace the motor, all of the decks (down to the frame), all of the rigging, and several hull planks. She’s almost back to where she should be.  As we lived and learned, we became more and more convinced that we had made the right choice as to which boat to buy. However, we also realized that she was just ever so slightly too small. Living space is good, but storage space for a long passage and “living aboard” is not enough.

So, we have been watching for a Sea Witch as we have been completing the restoration of Philip Nolan. We went to visit Robby & Lorraine last February in NZ, and that was THE boat. They have taken SUCH good care of her!

Our plans have been evolving since then. At this point, the plan is to keep Philip Nolan and sail her to Seattle in the spring. We live in Salt Lake City and will go to NZ in our winter for a couple months and to Seattle for as many 3-4 day weekends as possible in our summer. That will continue for 2-3 years and then we will move aboard Southern Cross and sail west until we are back to NZ in 5-10 years.  After that, if we’re still willing and able, we’ll spend Northern Summers in Seattle and Southern Summers in NZ or nearby. We’ll spoil the 3 grandkids in the spring and fall...


Here's hoping that life with both the "Philip Nolan" and "Southern Cross" will be the fulfillment of all of their dreams – and that when the time comes to embark on that circumnavigation, the Southern Cross will take them through both calm and storm in safety and comfort. In the mean time, we hope they'll stay in ouch and keep us posted from time to time on their activities.  

The Southern Cross is one of the most documented and celebrated Sea Witches of all.
     Among other things, the Southern Cross's career included staring beside Cliff Robertson, Angie Dickinson, and the
Sea Forth, in the 1978 Factor-Newland Production (CBS), movie Overboard.

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sc_transom.jpg (55196 bytes) Photos below taken by Mike Wilson, who managed the Southern Cross's 2012 refit in New Zealand. Plus three shots taken during the 2013 Tall Ship Race. Photos contributed by owner, Ed McDonald
Great work Mike!
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"The Aloha Couple"

Bobby and Lorraine parted with the Southern Cross at the end of August (2009), to Ed and Stacy McDonald, who also own the Sea Spirit, "Phillip Nolan," took command. We wish Robby and Lorraine all the best in whatever life after Southern Cross may deliver.

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